Phoenix Restaurants Cater to Calorie Counting Consumers

Dieting consumers often shy away from restaurants because flavorful and fattening dishes are hard to resist. However, as a whole, restaurants are developing menus that are healthier. Especially with the new FDA mandate well underway, that will require restaurants with 20 or more stores to include food labeling on menus, restaurants are adapting menus to offer low-cal options. 

Some restaurants in Phoenix seem to be ahead of the game by boasting dishes that are under 600 calories. s.e.e.d Cafe offers the 573 calorie You're So Keen sandwich featuring roasted turkey breast, vegan chive mayo, red pepper tapenade, melted vegan cheese, tomato and avocado on toasted nine-grain bread. For only 334 calories, Sage Kitchen serves the zucchini-kale lasagna. Check out more Phoenix restaurants offering low-cal dishes. Read More