The Most "Instagrammed" Phoenix Restaurants

Pastries from Lux Central  | Instagram, Luxcentral

Pastries from Lux Central | Instagram, Luxcentral

Instagram has become part of the food experience for diners. How many times have you heard, "hold on, I need a pic for insta" when you are at a restaurant? 

With that in mind, a restaurant rating company named MyFab5 has calculated the restaurants that were instagrammed the most by its customers in 2014. With social media making things a lot more personal- this data serves as a way to look at restaurants across Phoenix through intimate food photos from the costumer's perspective.

According to the rating company, the most instagrammed restaurant is rustic cafe and bakery, Lux Central with 6,058 pics. 1,498 of those were posted in 2014.

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