Vegas Restaurants That Offer Healthy Menus

Veggie vegan pizza at WILD  | YELP, Ashley L. 

Veggie vegan pizza at WILD | YELP, Ashley L. 

In Vegas, one could only expect the best culinary to match some of the world's most popular hotels on every corner. And for those health-conscious diners who don't want to cheat too much with high calorie meals, Vegas restaurants are offering food options for the healthy eater or for those with dietary restrictions. 

A few popular brands are on the list of restaurants with healthier offerings include, Bellagio- who has added a selection of USDA- certified organic, cold pressed juices to several of their restaurants. And the Society Cafe at Encore has a vegan menu specializing in faux-meat dishes, fruit smoothies & boba tea. Don't worry, gluten free hasn’t been left out. A restaurant by the name of “Wild”, located in downtown Las Vegas, uses organic ingredients, gluten free flour and hormone free meat and cheese. Read More