Fast Food Chains Battle It Out With Breakfast Sandwiches

French Toasters Sonic Drive-In

With the emergence of the fast casual segment, the competition is fierce within the quick-serve segment. Major fast food moguls, such as McDonald's, have experienced significant drop in sales. However, there is one category where the segment as a whole is experiencing growth and this is the breakfast category. 

With that being the case, brands are getting creative with breakfast menus– including Taco Bell's Waffle Taco, Sonic's French Toaster, and Dunkin's Glazed Breakfast Sandwich. Breakfast sandwiches have proven to be quite appealing to consumers because they fit into the on-the-go lifestyle. Breakfast items from Sonic, account for 12% of the brand's overall sales. Will more fast casual concepts start to open earlier and sell more breakfast items? Or are breakfast snacks going to continue to replace meals? Read More