Americans Support Menu Labeling: Sugar and Fat Are the Most Important to Health-Conscious Diners

Menu board with calorie counts  | YELP

Menu board with calorie counts | YELP

With the FDA mandate well underway, requiring restaurants with 20 or more stores to include food labeling on menus– how are consumers responding to this? At what restaurants do they prefer to see calorie counts? Well, according to  to an Associated Press-GfK poll conducted in December–participants prefer to see these labeled menus at fast food and casual dining restaurants. Is that because fast casuals tend to be ahead in this regard? Major fast casual brands, such as Chipotle and Panera have already been displaying this information, specifically on their online ordering screens. 

Besides where consumers prefer to see these labeled menus, what nutritional information do they care the most about? According to the poll, consumers care the most about sugar (61%) and fat (59%) and then calories (55%.) Only 36% polled said that vitamins and minerals were extremely or very important when making a healthy food purchase. Read More