Will 2015 be the Year of the Takeout Tech War?

In 2014, the battle started between tech takeout companies and in 2015 it is only going to get more intense. According to Business Insider, Americans spread roughly 70 billion a year on food takeout and delivery. Amazon and Uber are planning to tab into to this market and started to test restaurant delivery programs in late 2014. However, they are no where near the leaders in the restaurant takeout and delivery arena. GrubHub still leads by featuring 29,000 restaurants in 600 cities. However, the company is not nearly as profitable as it could be. It has only captured 19% of the $9 billion online ordering market. 

So which company will emerge as the leader at the end of 2015? Will Tech giants, such as amazon "pull an Apple" and swoop in with the service that tops them all? Or will GrubHub continue to lead the pack? Read More