Recent Study Proves Younger Consumers Will Pay More for Healthier Food

Foodable WebTV Network

Foodable WebTV Network

As evident from the farm-to-table trend spreading throughout the nation's restaurants, consumers care more than ever where their food is coming from. This is partially attributed to popular food media, but now consumers are thinking twice before they bite into a Big Mac.

According to the Nielsen's Global Health and Wellness Survey, younger consumers are more willing to invest in healthy options than older consumers, specifically Generation Z (consumers under the age of 20.) 41% of survey participants that were from Generation Z said they would pay more for a healthier product. Millennials were close behind at 32%, while only 21% of Baby Boomers said they would pay extra for a healthy meal. 

Products with the label "all-natural" have seen a 24% sales growth over the past two years. Similarly, organic products has seen a 28% increase in sales over the same time period. 

This begs the question– should healthier options really be more expensive? Will it get to the point when healthier food options prices are comparable to not so healthy ones? Read More