Now Trending: Pizza Concepts Franchisees Expand into the Sandwich Segment

Not only are sandwiches also a finger food like pizzas, but the sandwich segment is an attractive business venture by pizza concept franchisees. But why? Both concepts share similar operating models, store selection with lease based real state models, and staffing models. So if a pizza franchisee has developed a successful pizza business model, there is a higher possibility that by mimicking this with a sandwich concept– it too could be successful.

This was proven from the data found on the sandwich shop, Jersey Mike's system. As of the end of 2014, nearly 20% of Jersey Mike of franchisees either had ownership or management experience in the pizza industry. 

As for the differences- the prime time for sandwich shops tend to be between lunch and dinner, while a pizza restaurant operates much later in the day. Delivery is not usually part of the sandwich concept, while a pizza place relies heavily on deliveries. Lastly, the menus at sandwich shops tend to be smaller with less options, therefore inventory is easier. Read More