Starbucks' Mobile Payment App Sales= 16% of the Brand's Business

Starbucks Mobile Payment App  |

Starbucks Mobile Payment App |

Move over Apple Pay, Starbucks' mobile payment app has resulted in 16% of the coffee brand's total transactions. In the most recent ending financial quarter (ending on December 28th,) the company has reported that the app users have increased by 1 million, totaling to 13 million mobile app users. As a whole, there are more than 7 million mobile transactions in the stores each day. 

In Portland, the brand has been testing its mobile ordering service. This allows the user to order their drink ahead of time, eliminating the five minute average wait time. This service is expected to spread to 600 stores across the West coast. 

Do you think this was an effective technique to launch mobile ordering after building up a large following of app users? Will Apple Pay ever get close to these kinds of percentages? Read More