Free Report: Top 50 Best Restaurants in the Country

For more than a year, Foodable has been tracking and ranking the Top 25 restaurants in major food cities across America each month.

If you’re not yet familiar, Foodable’s monthly city-level Top 25 rankings are based on organic social data pulled from 17 social media platforms by the Restaurant Social Media Index (RSMI), a comprehensive database proprietary to Foodable’s sister agency, DigitalCoCo.

Foodable is taking it a step further with the first annual ranking of the Top 50 Restaurants. Instead of ranking the top restaurants by local social audience in that specific city or market geo-logication, the scope has been expanded to the restaurants in the best culinary cities in the country being rank against each other. The fabulous cities include Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans, New York City, Philadelphia, Portland, San Francisco and Washington, D.C.

Foodable Top 25s are a list of restaurants that people are actually talking about, dining at and loving, based on their social media behavior. We simply report on our findings, rather than personally deciding which restaurants make the list and in what order.

“We believe that unstructured data on social is more powerful when looking at a ranking of restaurants in a variety of categories, including food, service and overall popularity (engagement),” said Paul Barron, CEO and Executive Producer at Foodable. “Since this data is unsolicited in most cases, its weight of reality versus a survey score is much higher.” 

With that being said, this data is instrumental for restaurants to stack up the competition, and for foodies to find quality restaurants — big names and hidden gems alike.

Interestingly enough, all of the top five restaurants are on the West Coast. However, New York City’s restaurants also dominate the list, which is not surprising. Besides the usual renowned culinary cities, including LA, SF and NYC — restaurants in second-tier cities are making waves in the social sphere. Boston, D.C., and Portland have the most restaurants per city on the overall Top 50 list. This proves that the restaurant landscape is changing and these micro culinary scenes are gaining national recognition.