Will Food Bikes Become the Next Food Cart Sensation?

Biscuit Bike in Portland  | Kevin C., Yelp 

Biscuit Bike in Portland | Kevin C., Yelp 

The mobile food truck is not a new invention. Ice cream trucks and hot dog stands have been around for years. However, elevated food carts and mobile kitchens continue to be on the raise ever since the fad caught fire a few years ago. But, a new take on concept has started to recently to develop– food bikes.

Food trucks often start as a launching pad for restaurants to save up funds and build up customers for a brick and mortar concept. So are food carts a new restaurant startup model? Is this a business before a mobile truck? Food bikes, even the most outfitted ones, only cost just a few thousand dollars. 

Since the Portland, OR has such an active bike culture, it makes sense that the city is leading the way with food bikes. These bikes are not only being used as an eco-friendly food cart, but also as cargo bikes. Trailhead Coffee Roasters uses them to deliver their coffee and the bikes are fully equipped to pull over and brew coffee anywhere. These food bikes are starting to roll around in cities across the US– including the Taco Bike in Nashville and CreamCycle in D.C. Read More