Why is Sonic Outperforming Others in the Quick-Serve Category?

Drive in stalls at Sonic  | YELP

Drive in stalls at Sonic | YELP

While McDonald's and Wendy's sales have been dropping, Sonic Drive-In stock has been up 30% in the past three months. So what is Sonic doing that keeps consumers coming back for more?

Interestingly enough they are not offering healthy alternatives. Instead, they are focusing on marketing, with unforgettable commercials featuring their "two guys." The brand also effectively engages their consumers on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. By using similar comedic marketing tactics- they will often post 5-10 posts in a row on Twitter about one highlighted product. For example, their “tots” were continuous tweeting about with posts like “think about anything but delicious tots covered in chili and cheese right now.”

Besides their clever marketing techniques, the brand is only in the US. Most of the stores are located in the south, so Sonic is able to truly cater to its target demographic. What also sets the brand apart is that it falls between being a quick-serve and a fast casual. Not to mention– the drive-in and park is a unique concept. Read More