Foie Gras Ban Has Been Lifted in the Bay Area

Kobe Beef Burger with foie gras at SF Burger Bar  | YELP, Minh H. 

Kobe Beef Burger with foie gras at SF Burger Bar | YELP, Minh H. 

Expect to see foie gras dishes on menus everywhere in SF again. 

In 2004, foie gras was banned in California by the state legislature. But the implementation of law was delayed until 2012, so the duck farmers had some time to develop alternate ways of producing enlarged livers in the birds. But, the ruling was stuck down this week due to the federal law, known as the Poultry Product Inspection Act, by U.S. District Judge Stephen Wilson. However, the second part of 2012 law is still intact and "bans the force-feeding of birds within California for the purpose of enlarging their livers." But, now restaurants are allowed to obtain foie gras from out-of-state.

What do you think of the loophole? Have you missed foie gras on menus? Do you think the government should determine what meats can be served at restaurants? Read More