Study Shows That 75% of Online Orders Are In the Fast Food Segment

Online ordering infographic  |

Online ordering infographic |

Mobile ordering is no longer a new shiny technology, instead consumers are starting to expect it and prefer this type of ordering for take-out and delivery. According to a recent study by Gourmet Labs, 38% surveyed order online because it is easier, 27% because it is more accurate, 20% because it is quicker and 12% because they don't like ordering over the phone.

Not only are consumers lovin' online ordering, but it increases suggestive up-selling for the restaurant. 21.5% order more when ordering online. This shows that those pop-ups that appear right before a user completes their online order saying "do you want to add a delicious dessert for $3.99" with an appetizing photo, are working. See more online ordering stats here