Inside the James Beard House for Lamb Jam 2015

The James Beard House in New York City is a monumental institution rooted in history that beams culinary charm, talent, and greatness. Given the opportunity to cook here is often a mark of success and honor, and is not soon to be forgotten. 

In this episode of “On Foodable Weekly,” brought to you by the Foodable WebTV Network and the American Lamb Board, we invite viewers into the James Beard House for this year’s annual American Lamb Jam. The competitive event challenges chefs to create new dishes with this alternative protein, and with a rule nixing the use of rack or loin, innovation increases.

Joining us during the “calm before the storm” is Megan Wortman, the executive director of the American Lamb Board, along with five competing chefs. Watch the full episode for the best seat in the house as we bring you into the kitchen and the front-of-house to explore how five chefs from all over the country are bringing their own flavor to lamb. Then, pull up a seat in the dining room as host Paul Barron delivers his feedback on each dish.

Who is “bringing it” this year? Which chef will bring the trophy home? And how are these chefs adding a new spin, inspired by their various backgrounds, to American lamb?