A Behind-the-Scenes Food Tour of Le District [VIDEO]

Street food festivals. Farmers markets. Food emporiums. Modern-day cafeterias. There are a lot of variations and models for making fresh, local foodstuffs more accessible to consumers. But to differentiate yourself in an ever-growing saturated market, one must go beyond its wares and focus on the full experience.

New York City’s Manhattan French Food Emporium, known as Le District, is taking a bite of the Big Apple in an impressive way. Broken up into sections, the indoor marketplace is made up of anything you can imagine: a florist, a butcher shop, a restaurant, a bar, and so on. In this “On Foodable Side Dish” episode, Foodable video correspondent Colleen Hagerty takes us on a food tour guided by Le District’s Executive Culinary Director, Jordi Valles.