Local Partnership Raises Questions About the Future of 'Big Food'

By Brie Abramowicz, Foodable Contributor


Those who have been to Minneapolis before probably know of Fulton Brewery. For residents, even if you have lived in Minneapolis for all but a few months, you would be hard-pressed to dine out in the city without coming across a Fulton brew (or two) on the tap menu. The craft brewery seems to have a relationship with nearly every pub, fast-casual establishment, and restaurant in town. It is abundantly clear that Minneapolites love them some Fulton beer.

So, when General Mills publicly announced in August that it would be partnering with Fulton Brewery to launch a limited edition hefeweizen, aptly named HefeWheaties, it was not all that surprising. 

Part water, part malted wheat and barley, part internationally sourced hops, and part yeast strain, the famed HefeWheaties brew was made available for public consumption at scheduled tasting events in the Fulton Brewery taproom beginning August 26th. There was also the option for consumption at home; interested guests just needed to swing by the Twin Cities Market to pick up a few 16 oz. tallboys for the fridge.   

Nearly a month following the product launch, Fulton’s founders remain close-lipped about any future plans with Mills. Will Fulton launch other limited edition brews like HefeWheaties? While the answer to that question is not entirely clear, the Fulton founders have admitted that they are closely monitoring the program, the outcome of which will surely inform the decision to launch similar partnerships in the future. In other words, it’s too soon to say “yes” or “no.” They haven’t completely walked away from the idea, though. Read More