BetaBurger — the New Chipotle of the Burger Segment?

Adrian Wong was set. He was cushioned by a comfy job, pulling in six figures a year working with investment bank Morgan Stanley as an advisor to startup companies. But comfort breeds a life without adventure — and so, Wong left the life his friends were envious of and chased a dream that sat in the back of his mind.

Seeing the rapid success of Chipotle, he realized he wanted to come up with a game-changing concept of his own. He took off his tie and unhooked his cuff links, trading them for an apron and two minimum-wage jobs. He spent six months learning the secret to running a restaurant, and he finally unveiled his new project earlier this year:

Boston, does BetaBurger ring a bell?

This Mission Hill eatery is what he hopes will be the Chipotle of beef and buns. How is it competing with brands who have a similar mindset and goal, like the ever popular Tasty Burger or Shake Shack? Read More