Bite Into Brazilian Fast-Casual Giraffas in This Episode of 'Fast Casual Nation' [VIDEO]

By Myriam Rofrano, Social Media Coordinator

Millennials want a unique dining experience, and they’ll get it at Giraffas Brazilian Grill.

Loud and proud, this Brazilian-inspired fast casual builds its menu off of this belief: “We don’t believe in blending in. It’s not what Brazilians do. We stand out.”

Brazilian cuisine is known for its bold flavors and unmistakable tastes, and Giraffas resonates the spirit of its culture through its dishes, colors and atmosphere, while at the same time, capitalizing on the American love for burgers and adding its own twist.

In this episode of Fast Casual Nation, brought to you by the Foodable WebTV Network, we meet Hector Rodriguez, a culinary trainer from Giraffas, to see what how this brand excels by offering a quality menu filled with fresh ingredients through an emphasis of technology and customer service.