Can Pop-Ups Solve the Chef Shortage Crisis?

Pop-up restaurants appeal to diners for many reasons. Their popularity is in part due to the fact that diners can try food that they haven't had before and they can do it in a setting that is different from a normal restaurant. But maybe the appeal of pop-up dinners and the reason for their rise in popularity is also because of the appeal they have for cooks. 

In Philly, Food Underground is a pop-up dinner company run by an ex-line cook that hosts pop-up dinners around the city. Their flexible schedules and the creative outlet that the dinners provide are two reasons that cooks say that pop-up restaurants may be the way to lure cooks back to working in kitchens. 

Pop-ups may also be a way for new restaurant owners to create interest in a new project, or open a space without securing a large amount of capital upfront. Maybe pop-ups can be incorporated into normal restaurants to fulfill new cooks' desire for creativity while still nurturing their growth as chefs. Read more.