Foodable Welcomes Toronto, Our Newest Foodable City!

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As Foodable expands its readership beyond U.S. borders, we are happy to announce that today marks our rollout of Toronto coverage. This includes the introduction of a Toronto blog, as well as a Foodable “Top 25 Restaurants in Toronto” ranking. [Last month, we announced the launch of our first international city, London.]

With so much culture and history, Toronto is the most populated city in Canada. With nearly half of its residents being transplants from other countries, Toronto is reportedly one of the world’s most diverse cities. This ethnic diversity speaks loudly within the city’s food and dining culture, including a neighborhood devoted to Greek influence, primarily through architecture and restaurants, known to locals as The Danforth. 

With approximately 200 different neighborhoods making up the city of Toronto, influences from East Asia to classic French cuisine to Italian are all prevalent, and then some. Neighborhoods like Little Portugal, Koreatown, and Little Italy speak to these heavy influences. 

But making things a bit less predictable, a lot of local chefs have taken their native flavors and are combining them with other ethnic inspirations to put a modern, slightly unexpected twist on traditional dishes. According to a Chicago Tribune article earlier this year, Latin American flavors are beginning to make an appearance on more menus, as well.

Toronto’s culinary diversity also speaks to internationally acclaimed chefs trying spread their presence even farther. Daniel Boulud, Masaharu Morimoto, and David Chang are among this set. One of the most hyped restaurants is David Chang’s three-story Momofuku complex, which opened in downtown Toronto in 2012. Located by the 5-star Shangri-La Hotel, the complex — which is essentially a glass cube — holds Noodle Bar, Daisho, and Shoto, among other concepts not related to the Momofuku brand.

And, of course, you can’t beat city views paired with an exceptional meal at restaurants with a view, the most notable being the 360 Restaurant, located in the CN Tower.

What does Foodable’s Toronto rollout mean for you? 

In short: A new blog to bring you the most important, newsworthy food business happenings in the Toronto market from local contributors, along with a regular lineup of original video content from local hosts and producers, including local Foodable video correspondents.

Readers will also enjoy an upcoming Foodable Top 25 ranking specifically geared toward Toronto restaurants. So, whether you’re a local, a transplant, or simply visiting, we will be bringing you a restaurant ranking of the Top 25 establishments that resident diners in Toronto are most talking about right now across 17 social media platforms. 

With so many options on the dining front, these resources will help keep you in the know and give diners, restaurant owners, and chefs directly targeted insight as to how local restaurants are stacking up amongst the competition.

Check out our Toronto blog here.

Want to become a Foodable correspondent for Toronto?

As with all of our cities, we are always on the lookout for freelance contributors with a trade-based understanding of the local dining landscape. We are seeking both writers and video correspondents with an established network in the local culinary scene, and an understanding of the inner-workings of the restaurant business. Interested or want to learn more? Apply to become a Foodable Star here.