Meet the 'Rib Man' — London's One-Ingredient Wonder

With so many options, choosing what to eat or where to dine can be a challenge. In London, amidst the many food stalls with menus of international influence and culinary creations aplenty, is a man serving up only one ingredient on his menu.

Enter The Rib Man.

The Rib Man, more formally known as Mark Gevaux, is a butcher-turned-vendor who made his passion for ribs into a business after an unfortunate physical injury took him out of the butchering game. His two-item menu consists of Rib Meat Rolls (£7.00) and Racks (from £8.00).

In this episode of “On Foodable Side Dish,” brought to you by the Foodable Network,  Foodable London video correspondent, Helen Hokin, takes viewers into the Brick Lane Market to learn how Mark Gevaux became The Rib Man, how he earned the unofficial title of a “social media magician,” and what it takes to not only be successful when utilizing only one ingredient, but what it takes to be a successful street vendor.