30 Under 30 Redefining Boston’s Food Scene

Boston is becoming one the best cities in the country for the tech market so it’s only fitting that the restaurant scene is becoming home to innovators as well. Zagat rounded up 30 of the city’s innovators from all corners of the restaurant industry under the age of 30. You may not recognize the names of these innovators yet, but you’ll definitely recognize the restaurants that they work for. Ribelle and Fairsted Kitchen in Brookline, Harvest and Shepard in Harvard Square, and newcomers to the Boston restaurant world, Sabertooth Vegan Bakery and Blackbird Donuts all make appearances on the list.

The list is an interesting look at the new projects and ideas that are popular in the restaurant industry and the expansion of the food world. Many of the young professionals on this list work with restaurants or in foodservice, even if indirectly. While the list includes sous chefs, pastry chefs and bar managers, it also includes hospitality-focused tech startups, highly specialized quick serves and even a farm. Moral of the story is that the restaurant industry is currently home to young people who want to work with food and beverage and craft a niche in a specialized market. Read more.