Putting UberEats and On-Demand Delivery to the Test

On-demand delivery has become a major focus point in today’s restaurant industry. Consumers don’t just want something — they want it now. While there are a few major players in this market specifically catering to food delivery, other companies, like Uber, are hopping on board to help drive the movement forward.

In this episode of “On Foodable Weekly,” brought to you by the Foodable WebTV Network, we bring you in-the-field coverage from New York City as we test out UberEats firsthand. We also flip sides and dig into how restaurants are using UberEats. The UberEats model boasts a limited menu that changes daily and is only offered to users within the location range of the geocode in cities that offer this feature (Atlanta, Austin, Barcelona, Chicago, Los Angeles, NYC, San Francisco, Seattle, Toronto & Washington, D.C.). In standard Uber fashion, there is a flat delivery fee and no tipping. 

Watch the full episode as host Paul Barron puts the UberEats model to the test in terms of speed, quality (how well does the product travel or hold in transit?), presentation (how well the food arrives), and app operability (user-friendliness and app usability). We also bring viewers into Alidoro, an UberEats early adopter restaurant, to find out how restaurants are preparing for this added route, why Alidoro decided to move forward with the opportunity, and whether UberEats is a profitable channel.