Philadelphia Health Inspections Scores Will Be Shared Quicker, Says Health Department

Philadelphia diners and restaurant owners will now be able to see their inspection scores faster than they could before. According to a report, the Philadelphia Health Department previously held onto health inspection records for 30 days before the public and the owners knew their scores. This meant that diners could eat at a restaurant with a failing grade and not know it, and restaurant owners could be in the dark about their infractions. The report also found that in February of this year, several diners at a restaurant in Chinatown had to be hospitalized because of food poisoning. The restaurant had been given a failing grade by the health department but didn’t have to close its doors because of the 30 day rule. The health department has since promised that they will work to provide inspections scores "as quickly as possible."

The new rule is a great improvement for both diners and restaurant owners in Philadelphia and will allow operators to address issues before they make customers sick. Read more.