What Is the Fate of Fine Dining in the Twin Cities?

In the fine dining world of the Twin Cities, chefs and diners are still reeling from the loss of two heavy hitters: La Belle Vie and Vincent. Similarly, around the country, casual fine dining restaurants that source the highest quality ingredients but serve dishes in a more casual atmosphere (i.e. no white tablecloths) are becoming more and more popular. With so many great Twin City restaurants that don’t fit the status quo of fine dining being stiff and pretentious; the question is: can fine dining survive anymore?

Fine dining will always have place in diners' hearts. Special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries beg to be celebrated with white tablecloths and tasting menus but more and more, as diners eat out, they are looking for a more approachable atmosphere. Does the closing of two of the city’s most famous fine dining restaurants mean that diners don’t want to dine at fine dining restaurants anymore? And if traditional fine dining restaurants are only for special occasions, can restaurant owners sustain a restaurant just off of these diners? What is the fate of fine dining in the Twin Cities? Read More.