Falling Gas Prices Hurting Texas Restaurants

While falling gas prices in any other state may equate to a rise in restaurant sales due to the fact that diners now have more disposable income available to them, in Texas, one of the oil capitals of the US, falling oil prices are hurting Texan businesses and families - and local restaurants are feeling the effects.

Executives at Del Frisco's Restaurant Group reported its third quarter private dining numbers were lower in oil-rich regions, including Texas. Additionally, Dallas based Brinker International which operates franchises such as Chili's Grill and Bar and Maggiano's Little Italy, reported its sales were also lower than expected in areas heavy in oil production. 

This trend of lowering sales correlating with falling gas prices does not extend throughout the country, however, and is limited only to oil producing regions. The NRA reports that lowering gas prices have actually had a positive effect for most restaurants nationwide. Read More