L.A.’s Status Kuo Upgrades Rotisserie With Local, Sustainable Sourcing

As most successful entrepreneurs do, Chef David Kuo found a need for something in a certain market at a certain time, and decided to create it himself. And so Status Kuo, a neighborhood rotisserie concept serving up tasty yet healthy food, was born. But like most entrepreneurial stories go, Kuo experienced failure before he found success.

In this episode of “Table 42,” brought to you by the Foodable Network, host Paul Barron explores the ins and outs of LA-based Status Kuo, which aims to serve families on the go in an up-and-coming neighborhood. Kuo’s menu brings together a marriage of comfort food — dishes that people are familiar with — and local, sustainable ingredients that are sourced from nearby vendors. And with a farmers market down the street, keeping up with the fare is fairly easy. Watch the full episode as we join Chef David Kuo in the kitchen to make Taiwanese Sunday Gravy and learn what inspired the dish, to understand Status Kuo’s sourcing methods, and to learn how he turned a “failure” into a hit.