Table 42's Best Footage of 2015

Table 42” is a Foodable Network show that brings viewers inside high-end restaurants around the country that are redefining their respective markets and beyond. Each chef, each dish, and each venue has a story to tell unlike the last. Giving our audience a front-row seat into the goings on of culinary creation, “Table 42,” hosted by Foodable Founder/CEO and Executive Producer Paul Barron, is filled with valuable knowledge for chefs and operators, with top-line executive chefs giving us access into their kitchens.

In this 2015 compilation of “Table 42” footage, brought to you by the Foodable WebTV Network, we’re bringing you back into some of the best establishments we had the pleasure of filming at this year — from Peasant in New York City, an Old World, Tuscan-style restaurant helmed by Chef DeCarlo (fun fact: it’s Marc Forgione’s favorite restaurant to eat at when he’s not working), to Counter 3. Five. VII in Austin, a restaurant built on a non-traditional, no-waitstaff model. Watch the full episode to learn more.