Austin's Blue Owl Brewing Debuts as Nation's First Sour Mash Brewery

Blue Owl Brewery  | Yelp, Colin S.

Blue Owl Brewery | Yelp, Colin S.

One of the newest breweries to open within the Austin city limits, Blue Owl Brewery is also making headlines for being the nation's first brewery of its kind. So what makes this local brewery unique? Blue Owl Brewery is the first brewery in the United States to brew and distribute entirely sour mash beers. 

Sour mash beers, currently the darlings of the craft beer movement, are defined by a specific fermentation process generally reserved for creating liquors. By utilizing naturally occurring bacteria and yeast, brewers are able to create beer with a natural tartness and acidity. 

Blue Owl Brewery opened its doors November 12th and has plans to offer brewery tours to visitors in the near future. In addition to the brewery concept, Blue Owl is also distributing its beers to local vendors and can be expected to be found in some of Austin's best craft beer joints. Read More