Dallas Chefs Recycle Food Scraps with Delicious Results

Local Dallas chefs have begun working towards a greater sustainable culinary system, with some even beginning to work with an unexpected ingredient: food scraps. Consisting of the pieces of food stuff that would generally be discarded, several local chefs are re-purposing these scraps as potential ingredients.

At Chef John Thompson's Sugarbacon, the eponymous hit dish is made using a pork stock made with leftover pork lard and 'confit gel.' Front Room Tavern uses excess duck skin for a chicharron style dish that serves the crispy skin alongside a truffle-Parmesan rub. Oliver Sitrin of the Blind Butcher takes it even further with his zero-wastage policy. Bones are made into stocks or broths, excess meat goes into sausages and any leftover peels or egg shells are composted or fed to nearby pigs. Read More