Sneak Peek: A Taste of Marination Ma Kai in Seattle

In the mainstream sense, it’s been a big few years for the taco, a delicious vehicle filled with a smothering dose of custom ingredients that come together congruously to fulfill any craving. Tacos are to the west coast what seafood is to the northeast: it’s expected, it’s good, and it means if you’re gonna do it, you better do it great — different, even. 

The team behind Marination Ma Kai in Seattle, a concept that dishes up Hawaiian-Korean cuisine, found their initial inspiration in putting marinated meats in a taco format and never looked back. It’s also possibly the only place you can get both kimchi and a Stumptown cold brew.

Check out the sneak peek above to get a look at Marination Ma Kai’s prime real estate location (peep that Seattle skyline) and to get a taste of taco nirvana (at least, the visual aspects of it). And, as always, stay tuned for the full “Fast Casual Nation” episode, coming soon!