Despite Growing Plant-Based Culinary Trends, Meat Still King in Portland

Portland has made headlines in recent years for the plethora of vegetarian and vegan options flooding the city, making it a haven for those seeking a plant based diet. Yet this is not to suggest that the city has forgotten about its carnivore customers, and local restaurants are still featuring a number of playful and innovative culinary creations that feature animal products front and center.

Perhaps the most famed of Portland's meat purveyors is Olympia Provisions, a salumi house that sells a number of variations of Spanish inspired paprika-spiced salami they sell both in town as well as at specialty restaurants and shops nationwide. Additionally, local restaurants have taken to highlighting their meat based options, such as Beast, which in case customers couldn't tell by the name, features a number of animal options such as an ever changing menu of pâté, rillettes, and cured meats, alongside more playful options like foie gras bon-bons. Who else is focusing on meat based dishes in the city? Read More