Vegas Roots Brings Urban Farming to Downtown Vegas

Downtown Las Vegas has recently been witness to the first urban farming movement, Vegas Roots. Begun nearly five years ago, Vegas Roots is a community farming program that utilizes vacant property within the city of Las Vegas. The farm looks to unite not just the food community but the greater local community as a whole, working with schools, non profit organizations and local residents to work towards creating a sustainable food system for the area.

Currently Garden Director Rosalind Brooks explained to Food Tank how Vegas Roots works: "Our community garden provides the local community with a full-circle system.  Plot owners are able to have their own gardens and learn how to grow their own food.  Locals not taking part in that program are able to come and pick their own produce.  As a community we help each other by sharing resources, recycling and reusing, and contributing to the overall functionality of the garden.  Locals can drop off their food scraps for composting, contributing to the rich soil used in the plots." Read More