Blind Butcher: A Perfect Cure for Meat Lovers in Dallas

Some of the best restaurant concepts are difficult to define. The Blind Butcher, located in East Dallas’ Lower Greenville Avenue neighborhood, is an eclectic mix of high-quality meats and ingredients, craft beers and good vibes. Its pub-like venue is high-end yet unpretentious. In a way, Blind Butcher is a comfortably adventurous culinary experience specializing in cured meats and an assortment of seasonal, local fare, from crispy pig ears to duck poutine to house-made pickles and pastrami egg rolls. 

In this “Table 42” vignette, brought to you by the Foodable WebTV Network, we are joined by Oliver Sitrin, one of Blind Butcher’s five co-creators. Watch the full episode as Sitrin tells us his personal philosophy on food and why the team chose the location they did, and shows us how to make the Blind Butcher’s meat and cheese board, featuring a meat lover’s dream: pastrami and portobello mushroom pastrami, duck bacon, Texas wagyu eye-of-round beef tartare, beet-pickled quail Texas egg, house-made potato chips, crispy capers, house-made butcher’s mustard, Scotch egg, bacon bratwurst, headcheese with pickled carrot, scrapple, tomato jam, carrot-and-celery chutney, beet and goat cheese terrine, pickled green beans, carrots, pickled garlic, radishes, house-made ricotta, local honey, blind cow, candied Texas pecans, lavash, and crostinis (exhale!).