Minneapolis Is Becoming a Destination for Somali Food

Minnesota is home to one of the largest Somali populations in the country so it’s no surprise that the Twin Cities are becoming a haven for delicious Somali food. Chef and restaurant owner Abdirahman Kahin moved to Minnesota in 1997 and owns one of the most popular Somali restaurants in the area, Afro Deli. He is in talks to open one of the first Somali-themed restaurants in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul International airport and the Mall of America. Another popular Somali restaurant is Safari Restaurant opened by Abdirahman Ahmed and Sade Hashi 15 years ago.

Is this boom just a trend or is Somali food here to stay in the Twin Cities? According to Ahmed, Somali food is here to stay. “We plan to expand and open new locations in the coming years, and also give back to our community by mentoring young entrepreneurs who want to enter the restaurant business. The future looks bright for Minnesota … and the Somali community here,” he says. Read more.