Next to Host The French Laundry as Part of 2016 Lineup

Leave it to chef Grant Achatz to bring one of the most celebrated American restaurants ever, The French Laundry, to the windy city for a pop-up. Achatz’s Next, an avant-garde restaurant that serves menus based on three different themes each season, is going to be hosting the world-famous chef Thomas Keller and his legendary restaurant as one of their themes in 2016. How did the collaboration come about? Achatz used to work at The French Laundry and credits working in chef Keller’s kitchen with inspiring him to create his own brand of cuisine. The other themes for 2016 include dinners inspired by eating in the Alps and an exploration of South American food.

What’s interesting is that the restaurant will start posting live action videos of the tasting menu after the first dinner instead of posting a preview of the menu online. And as the weather heats up the restaurant will offer an a la carte patio, where diners who don’t have reservations can go to order dishes off the tasting menu a la carte style. It’s interesting that Next would still offer this option since they might make more profit off of a full tasting menu but the goal may be to  have as many diners experience the dinner as possible. Read more