NYC to Start Posting High Salt Warnings on Menus

If you visit a chain restaurant in New York City in the next week you may notice something new on the menu. Earlier this month, chain restaurants had to add a little black salt shaker next to menu items to warn them about that the high salt level in that dish. In addition to the new icons, chain restaurants will also have to post signage warning about the dangers of increased sodium levels. While the new icons have found some fans among consumers, organizations like the National Restaurant Association have threatened to file a lawsuit against the city because of the measure. The rule comes a couple of years after the measure to put calories on menus so consumers can make informed decisions about what they are ordering.

The measure is obviously meant to help diners in New York make healthier choices, but it begs the question, “how much liability should restaurant owners shoulder when it comes to unhealthy food?” Should menus also begin to show how much fat is in a dish? Will consumers order a certain dish less if they know it's unhealthy?  Read more.