Fast Casual Ahead of the Curve: Panera's Use of Tech

Screenshot of Panera's Online ordering system  |

Screenshot of Panera's Online ordering system |

The most successful restaurant brands have invested considerably in ordering technologies. Starbuck's focused on mobile payment and cultivated a loyal following on the app to launch their upcoming mobile ordering app.

Another brand that has been ahead in terms of implementing technology is the fast casual mogul, Panera. Since 2011, the brand has been testing and making major investments in the back end. Customer's can order on multiple outlets– including on their computers, on a mobile app, on a kiosk or on a tablet. They can order up to five days in advance or do a rapid pick-up order to be ready in 10 minutes. The brand's loyalty program, known as MyPanera, will remember the user's past orders and about 50% of all transactions are done through the program.

So, has Panera mastered mobile technologies? Will MPOS become the new norm? Read More