Garden Bar Plans Expansion and Juice Line

Garden Bar Salad Co.  | Allison Jones

Garden Bar Salad Co. | Allison Jones

Setting out to offer alternative dining options to the traditional salad bar, Portland’s Garden Bar was the city’s first restaurant dedicated to serving made-to-order salads with a number of fresh and unique ingredients.  The brainchild of culinary mastermind Christopher Handford alongside Ana Chaud, a local fitness instructor, Garden Bar has been open a little more than a year and has already made its mark on the Portland dining scene.     

Finding immediate success amongst diners, Garden Bar is now planning to expand, opening its second location later this month and planning a third sometime this year. In addition to the additional locations, Garden Bar is also set to introduce a fresh fruit and vegetable juice line later this year, offering diners the chance to “drink their salad.”

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