San Francisco’s Distilleries Take Cue from Local Breweries

Hop Flavored Spirits  | Matthew Mead

Hop Flavored Spirits | Matthew Mead

No longer just reserved for beer, in San Francisco the hop craze has reached new heights.  Hoping to tap into the hipster, hoppy beer drinking population, local distilleries Charbay Artisan in Napa Valley and Anchor Distilling Co. in San Francisco have both introduced their own versions of hopped spirits.  Charbay Artisan released its R5 hopped whisky and Anchor Distilling Co. presented its Hophead Vodka, each made by distilling hoppy beers such as India pale ales.

In fact, the very move of these distilleries towards hopped liquors was a direct result of the surge in India pale ale sales amongst beer enthusiasts nationwide.  Looking to entice these drinkers into trying their own products while simultaneously creating innovative and unique cocktails, these distilleries' hopped spirits are set to target a niche population of consumers.

And while hopped spirits have not entirely caught on yet, the distilleries hope that by presenting similar flavor profiles found in beer enthusiasts’ chosen beverage, they can win more drinkers over to their side. 

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