Denver Breweries Take Inspiration from Literature

Our Mutual Friend Brewery  | Facebook

Our Mutual Friend Brewery | Facebook

Two Denver based breweries, Fiction Beer Company and Our Mutual Friend, have embraced a new trend amongst Colorado breweries of taking inspiration from literature in crafting their brand image and brewery atmosphere.

At Denver’s Our Mutual Friend Brewery, bookshelves surround the taps and on the walls hang framed copies of famous excerpts taken from a variety of classic literature.   At Fiction Beer Company, the bar rests on a stack of books and the tap handles are made from book spines.   Beer names at both breweries are plucked straight from the pages of classic literary works, such as Little Red Cap, inspired by Little Red Riding Hood.

Arguing that beer can inspire writers as much as writers can inspire beer, these breweries hope to emulate the classic pub atmosphere by creating an environment where storytelling is key and as a result, these breweries have become gathering spots for book clubs and writers groups with local libraries reaching out for possible collaborations. 

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