Top Trends Amongst Las Vegas Steakhouses


Driven by customer demands and spurred on by a number of local chefs, the most classic of Las Vegas steakhouses are now starting to showcase a number of new restaurant trends surrounding meat sourcing and preparation. 

Chefs such as Tom Colicchio of Heritage Steak have begun advocating for open wood flame grilling instead of gas grilling, arguing that a wood burning grill can add unique flavors to the meat that are lost in gas grills.  Michelin three-star chef Jean-George Vongerichten of Jean Georges Steakhouse has meanwhile been leading the movement towards a more natural meat source and his restaurant features a menu of artisanal, small-farm sourced grass-fed and free-range beef. 

And finally, Chef Brian Massie of The Light Group has started tenderizing some of the less glamourous butcher cuts, working with flat irons, hanger steaks and nontraditional sirloins, but preparing them in ultra-modern ways to ensure tenderness and flavor.  Alongside these unconventional cuts, Massie and a number of other chefs are moving towards more on-the-bone options as they have discovered that leaving the bone in results in more tender meat.

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