Travail Restaurant To Start Selling Dinner Reservations

Travail Plans Evening's Menu | Nancy Kuehn

Travail Plans Evening's Menu | Nancy Kuehn

Travail is known for being a hard restaurant to get a reservation at, and it may just get even harder.  The Robbinsdale restaurant has just revamped their reservation system, switching over to a ticketed-reservation model for 75% of their dining room, keeping the rest open for walk-ins.

Tickets sold will include both the table reserved and the restaurant’s multi-course dinner.  Pricing for the dinner is based on demand and changes depending on the day. 

Owner James Winberg has utilized ticket sales for restaurants in the past, such as his 2013 pop-up restaurant Umani, and feels confident that Travail patrons will continue to frequent the restaurant as often as before, despite these new changes. 

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