Local Chefs Now Serving Faux Fish Dishes

Faux Fish Sushi  | Alastair Bland

Faux Fish Sushi | Alastair Bland

Following in the footsteps of the plant-based protein trend, several San Francisco chefs have begun crafting faux fish dishes in an effort to combat overfishing and create a more sustainable food source.

Local chef James Corwell has become quite the celebrity for his famous “tomato sushi,” a natural, ecofriendly substitute to the overfished Bluefin tuna.  To prepare, Corwell skins and removes the seeds from fresh tomatoes, then vacuum seals the pieces and cooks them in hot water for an hour in order to impart on the tomatoes a texture similar to tuna.  Corwell has also introduced an eggplant version of unagi and hopes to develop a number of similar vegan sushi products.

And Corwell is not alone with his faux fish creations and his vegetable “sushi” dishes join the likes of Sophie’s Kitchen’s vegan calamari, scallops and fish fillets, alongside several other local vegan dining options.   

Through serving these fish like alternatives, these chefs are able to provide similar experiences for diners to enjoy without endangering overfished species.  But will these faux fish dishes catch on? Read More