Vignette: The Chefs That are Taking the Miami Culinary Scene to the Next Level

Once upon a time, not so long ago (seriously not that long ago- a few months ago to be exact) the Miami restaurants were the ones with the lowest social scores out of all of the cities ranked on our Top 25 Restaurant lists. For more than a year, the Miami restaurants were ranked significantly below the average sentiment scores at 10+ points below the scores of all the other major culinary cities.

However, starting in October the social scores started to make a major climb and this January they launched up to just below the 170s. Just proving that the Miami culinary scene is heatin' things up. And with that said, we decided that there is no better time than now to showcase some of the hottest Miami chefs in the Vignette above.

So what are some of the trade secrets from these Miami food heroes? After all, these are some of the chefs responsible for uppin' the restaurant ante in Miami with their culinary delights.

The Use of Modern Techniques 

Cooking has often been seen as an art, but it also can be rather scientific. Andres Meraz, the Chef de Cuisine at The Ritz uses liquid nitrogen to prepare oysters that are so chilled they smoke. Not only does the liquid nitrogen freeze the flavorful ingredients to be placed on the oysters, but it also creates a dish that the guest is sure to not forget. Other Miami restaurants are getting scientific– at Tongue & Cheek the beverage menu features nitrogen cocktails.

Knowing the Tastes of the Local Diners

The demographics of the Miami scene is vast– there are tourists and locals from all over the world. So finding that perfect balance of giving the guests a variety of flavors, while staying true to the restaurant's culinary focus is not easy. And as Conor Hanlon of Miami's The Dutch mentions above, when the restaurant has a location elsewhere in the country, it is important to stay true and consistent with the concept while catering to the local customers. 

Jamie DeRosa, Executive Chef at Tongue & Cheek also gives some insights on how to cater to the Miami demographics by offering a menu that appeals to multiple cultures, while giving off a casual vibe. And evidently this restaurant is making national news. Yesterday, the restaurant moved on to the semi-finals of Bravo's Best New Restaurant

Fine-dining Inspired Dishes in a Casual Setting

Buns & Buns is one of the many fast casual 2.0 concepts to ascend on the Miami culinary scene. These concepts blur the lines between the fast casual, casual dining, and fine dining segments. Reuven Sugarman, Corporate Chef at Buns & Buns explains how the fast casual is almost in a segment of it's own known as "gastro fast"– by serving fancier fare in a more casual setting, with a faster delivery to the tables at a lower price point.

With all of these culinary masters right in Miami's back yard, it is no wonder that the scene is gaining some major momentum.