Thudsuan Looks to Stand Out in Seattle’s Vibrant Thai Food Scene

Thudsuan Thai Kitchen & Bar  | Yelp, Belikewater W.

Thudsuan Thai Kitchen & Bar | Yelp, Belikewater W.

Thai food plays center stage in Seattle’s culinary scene so for Thudsuan, one of the city’s newest Thai restaurants, standing out in a city with an unusually high number of Thai restaurants required a little extra effort. 

Thudsuan’s chef Boyd Sivatitikul developed a plan to make his mark on Seattle’s culinary scene by implementing an original and ambitious culinary program for his restaurant. To start with, Sivatitikul conceptualized a number of unique dishes that would set his restaurant apart from the pack. So while Thudsuan still serves Thai staple dishes– such as pad thai and tom yom soup, the restaurant also features a number traditional Thai entrees given a modern twist. And unlike other Thai restaurants in the area, the restaurant’s menu is constantly updated to reflect local, seasonal ingredients.

Thudsuan also features an innovative craft cocktail program that incorporates Thai ingredients– such as tamarind and lychee alongside house infused vodkas with Thai flavors such as ginger and peppercorn. 

Sivatitikul hopes that these unique elements will create a more adventurous experience for diners and help to set Thudsuan apart from the numerous other Thai dining options in the city.

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