Seattle’s Food Trucks and Taprooms Form Symbiotic Relationship

  Stoup Brewing and Fez Food Truck  | Twitter

Stoup Brewing and Fez Food Truck | Twitter

As the Seattle food truck scene continues to grow, a heightened tension between the trucks and local restaurants has grown as well.  With the recent street-food legislation that further restricts food trucks from parking on public streets and from operating within 50 feet of an existing food business, many local trucks began looking for new areas of expansion, but found options to be sparse. 

Simultaneously, Seattle’s burgeoning craft breweries were also facing problems of their own in their attempts to attract the downtown crowd to their taprooms often located far outside the city center.  With no nearby food options available, those who did make the trek often left early to find other dining options and those who stayed became quickly inebriated. 

Looking for some easily accessible food options to help sop up their beer, these taprooms began inviting many of Seattle’s food trucks to operate within their private lots where they are immune from the city’s parking restrictions.  Furthermore, as many of these taprooms are far removed from the industrial areas of Seattle, there are few restaurants to compete with, resulting in a boost of sales for the trucks. 

This equally beneficial relationship has enabled Seattle’s food trucks and taprooms to continue operating independently while simultaneously working together to the benefit of the consumer.

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