Welcome to Foodable, Minneapolis!

Have a seat, Minneapolis, Mn.!  

Foodies, you may think you know the Midwest. Chef Stephen Langlois boiled down its cuisine scene to a Thanksgiving dinner: turkey, cranberry sauce, wild rice and pie. But Minneapolis has a lot more to offer than steaks, burgers and tater tots. (Not that we're complaining. Nothing better than good ole' homemade comfort food.) Minneapolis is the center of comfort food with a culinary twist. 

From hot dishes to haute dishes and from cocktails to craft beer, Minneapolis has restaurants, bars and bakeries that will fill your stomachs with good eats and your heart with excitement. Not to mention that because Midwestern farmers are arguably the country's best producers of dairy, meat, grains and vegetables, Minneapolis has access to all of these great ingredients to whip up even greater meals. 

Welcome to Foodable, Minneapolis! We are excited to see and taste what the City of Lakes is all about.