Bartenders Relieve the Winter Chill with these Winterized Rum Cocktails

Winter Cocktails

It’s wintertime and the multitudes across the country are experiencing the extreme cold conditions. To battle these conditions, many bartenders are concocting special rum drinks that have been winterized to meet the seasonal conditions.  

Some of these include:

Vancouver, BC - Nomad Restaurant

Matt van Dinther, owner and head bartender at Nomad Restaurant, has created a cocktail that will take away your winter blues by transporting you to Cuba.  His creation, the Tobacconist’s Tot, uses Havana Club 7 Rum that is smoked with cigar smoke then mixed with fresh lemon juice, cinnamon sugar, pineapple jelly, and cardamom bitters.  The serving glass is also rimmed with a cinnamon sugar and salt rim.

The spiciness of the rum, cardamom bitters, and cinnamon sugar will keep you warm while the tropical flavor of the pineapple jelly and smokiness of the rum will have you dreaming of the warm climate of Cuba.  This cocktail is already a semifinalist for the Los Maestros De Daiquiri Contest with a strong possibility of going further.  

The Tobacconist's Tot- Created by Matt van Dinther-Nomad Restaurant


  • 60ml Havana Club 7 Rum (Smoked with cigar smoke)

  • 30ml Lemon Juice

  • 15g (2bsp) Cinnamon Sugar

  • 2tbsp Pineapple Jelly

  • 2d. Cardamom Bitters

  • Cinnamon Sugar and Maldon Salt Rim

  • Cigar garnish


Add rum, fresh lemon juice, pineapple jelly, cinnamon sugar, and cardamom bitters to a metal shaker.  Rim serving glass with cinnamon sugar blend and sea salt.  Shake cocktail hard then fine strain into rimmed serving glass.  

New York City, NY - Cedar Local

John McCarthy, bartender at Cedar Local, has created a hot and steamy rum cocktail to warm you up and melt the snow.  The Rum-Diggity combines Brugal Añejo, Demerara syrup, water and Angostura bitters all heated up.  A lemon wheel is added to the bottom of the serving glass to add a citrus note.   The citrus wakes you up from winter hibernation and the spiciness of the rum adds a jolt to revive you from the cold.  

Rum Diggity Cocktail  | Foodable WebTV Network

Rum Diggity Cocktail | Foodable WebTV Network

Rum-Diggity  - Created by John McCarthy – Cedar Local


  • 2oz Brugal Añejo

  • .5oz Demerara syrup*

  • .25oz water

  • 1 dash Angostura bitters


  • Combine all ingredients in a small pot on a stovetop or in an electric teapot and heat until hot. Place a lemon wheel in the bottom of a rocks glass without ice and pour cocktail over top.

*Demerara syrup

To make one quart:

16oz Boiling water

16oz Raw sugar

Bring 16oz to boil and remove from heat

Add 16oz raw sugar and stir until sugar is dissolved


Chicago, IL - The Dawson

The Dawson in Chicago has a very inventive cocktail menu that features all kinds of unique combinations.  Two of these combinations dare to fight winter by emphasizing rum.  One is served hot and one is served cold but both are winterized with love.  

The Ski Bunny is a hot cocktail made with two kinds of rum (Botran Reserva Rum and Smith and Cross Rum), Laird’s Bonded Apple Brandy, Bonal, Samurai Chai Tea, Yellow Chartreuse with tonga bean cream, and cinnamon.   The combination of the tea and apple brandy makes this the ultimate hot toddy.  

The Marooned on Coffee Island is made with two kinds of rum (Hamilton Gold Rum and Mt. Gay Black Barrel), Stumptown Cold Brew, salt roasted plantains, PX sherry, Xocolatl mole bitters, cinnamon, and fresh whipped cream.  The coffee, cinnamon, and fresh whip cream make this a cold weather boozy delight.  

Seattle, WA - Art Restaurant and Lounge, Four Seasons Seattle

Art Restaurant and Lounge, located in the Four Seasons Hotel, offers more than typical rum cocktails.  They flourish on local ingredients with a Seattle vibe.  So, it is no surprise that they have winterized the rum cocktail using a coffee liqueur to represent Seattle.  They have enhanced the typical hot buttered rum with coffee and have created the Hot Buttered Buzz.  This steaming beverage contains Captain Morgan spiced rum, Tia Maria Coffee Liqueur, Tara’s hot buttered rum, whipped cream, and a candied pecan.  This buzz will also keep you going through winter’s darkest days.

Have you had any winterized rum cocktails at your local bar?